Price Farms

is a small farm that does different farm operations. Each year a crop rotation is used to rotate different crops between fields. Growing both barley and potatoes provides the farm with a great rotation. The barley is grown for Coors and the Potatoes are sold both as certified seed and on the fresh market.


Here at Price Farms C69 Malt Barley is grown. The Barley is grown for Miller Coors and is contracted through them.

Market Potatoes

After a potato year the larger potatoes are separated out and put into the market storage. Later in the year they are moved on the fresh market through Spud Cellar which is a member of RPE. You can visit RPE’s website here.

Certified Potato Seed

Price Farms puts the majority of their focus into the Certified Seed Program. They keep the smaller potatoes and store them in separate cellars and keep them disease free. In order to keep disease away crops are maintained through storage, three field inspections, pesticide control, and intense rouging crews. Each lot is kept separate and washing and disinfecting between each lot is a necessity. An aggressive insecticide program has been developing with the purchase of a new SpraCoupe in 2014. Integrating crop oils as well as different pesticide controls are being used to help prevent the spread of disease. These potatoes are later sold to customers and can be sold as is or cut and treated depending on the customer’s needs.

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